Infrastructure as Code

What Does Infrastructure as Code Mean?

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a type of IT abstraction where professionals provision and manage a technology stack with software, rather than setting up hardware systems. Infrastructure as code can be used to provision cloud systems and to virtualize various kinds of software environments.


Techopedia Explains Infrastructure as Code

One thing that professionals like about infrastructure as code is the portability. If hardware systems are provisioned as code, it is easier to move that code or deploy it in different environments.

Challenges include getting the test environment and the production environment to sync up, and keeping documentation organized.

Companies may use cloud vendors like AWS to set up infrastructure as code systems that allow them to pursue their goals in this sort of abstracted environment. Teams are responsible for provisioning and maintaining systems and making sure that they are versatile enough to stay useful – for instance, using S3 buckets and an object storage model instead of setting up physical discs in a hardware infrastructure on premises.


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