What Does Autocomplete Mean?

Autocomplete technology is a design where a given autocomplete feature takes partial user input and predicts the final result. This allows for various kinds of efficiency and speedier use of various technologies.


Techopedia Explains Autocomplete

Perhaps the most common and prominent example of autocomplete is in text messaging or smartphone messaging apps. These autocomplete features help with the inherent problem of putting together words and sentences through a touchscreen keypad, which is a labor-intensive task. Autocomplete helps to expedite the entry of long or complex words through using sophisticated NLP (natural language processing) algorithms to predict what a user will need.

Although autocomplete is extremely familiar to most users in the smartphone environment, it plays a role in many other contexts as well. From desktop document editing to critical command line functionality, autocomplete is one of those predictive technologies that assist in decision-support and enhances human user control.


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