Next Issue Avoidance

What Does Next Issue Avoidance Mean?

The concept of next issue avoidance (NIA) utilizes projections and brainstorming to predict what problems consumers will have in the future. Utilizing next issue avoidance strategies, companies can make support more efficient for customers.


Techopedia Explains Next Issue Avoidance

The idea of next issue avoidance is that companies are working to monitor trends in consumer complaints and problems, and trying to optimize how they respond. The idea is similar to what an auto mechanic or other specialized service shop might do when trying to combine labor costs instead of creating an individual chain of service for each fix. For instance, in a situation where an initial tech support problem leads to other problems down the line, the company will want to bundle their responses to problem A, problem B and other derivative problems so that they can take care of them all with fewer points of contact. Next issue avoidance can be based on sophisticated AI/ML programs that can pinpoint what is most likely to be a problem for customers.


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