DNA Digital Data Storage

What Does DNA Digital Data Storage Mean?

DNA digital data storage is the idea of encoding binary data in a DNA molecule and strand. It is a cutting-edge theory of data storage that represents the new frontier of where technology is going in the 21st century along with other major theoretical advances like quantum computing.


DNA digital data storage is also known as DNA-based data storage, DNA data storage or DNA storage.

Techopedia Explains DNA Digital Data Storage

The tremendous power of DNA digital data storage is largely linked to the potential to fit tremendous amounts of data into extremely small storage spaces. Scientists estimate that practically infinite amounts of data can be stored in several grams of DNA by translating the binary data into the four categories of DNA proteins in the strand, and physically creating DNA molecules to match. This process of physical DNA construction is what DNA digital storage is based on, and is still in a very theoretical stage. Although scientists have become able to manipulate DNA and even build it, the idea of DNA digital storage is still in its infancy and being evaluated according to its theoretical use cases.


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