Virtual Reality Headset

What Does Virtual Reality Headset Mean?

A virtual reality (VR) headset is an apparatus that provides virtual reality data input for a user, and typically is strapped onto the user’s head over the eyes. These innovative headsets are part of more comprehensive virtual reality systems that affect more of the human’s five senses in order to create virtual experiences.


A virtual reality headset is also known as a virtual reality visor.

Techopedia Explains Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headsets typically have stereoscopic technology, which provides a separate image for each of the two eyes. Gyroscopes, accelerometers and other tools may monitor motion. Early virtual reality headsets were often made in the context of the gaming industry. Now, however, virtual reality innovations are being used for medical and military training as well as other purposes. Virtual reality is becoming more sophisticated, and headsets and other equipment are developing rapidly. Virtual reality headsets are increasingly becoming more common in consumer technologies.


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