Room-Scale VR

What Does Room-Scale VR Mean?

In virtual reality, room-scale VR is the idea of connecting a physical room or space to a virtual reality world. It is part of the emerging virtual reality industry, and it is a component of how VR is innovating to provide more compelling virtual reality experiences for users.


Techopedia Explains Room-Scale VR

Resources for room-scale VR include software that matches a dedicated room or space to a virtual world, as well as some type of tactile equipment or products that regulate the user’s motion through the room-scaled space. In general, room scaling helps to create more sophistication around VR platforms.

For example, a team of engineers might take a room of specific proportions (i.e., 10×20’) and think about how to “map” a virtual space inside it, in order to make the virtual world “fit” — of course, although everything is digitized in code, the program can benefit from synchronicity with the dimensions of the space that it rests in. Checking acoustics or light sealing might be a part of a room scaling approach.

In general, it is matching the functionality of a VR program to a physical space that supports it.


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