Quantum as a Service

What Does Quantum as a Service Mean?

Quantum as a service (QaaS) is a cloud service that provides customers with access to quantum computing platforms over the internet. QaaS uses the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model.


Quantum computing is based on the qubit, which can superimpose binary positions and support artificial intelligence (AI) beyond today's narrow AI functionality. An important goal of quantum computing is to make artificial general intelligence a reality.

Although much of the theory and operational detail has been solved for quantum computing, business use for this type of computing is still very expensive. The QaaS model allows researchers to experiment with quantum computing on an on-demand basis with minimal financial output.

Techopedia Explains Quantum as a Service

QaaS is still in its infancy. To the layman, it can seem as though quantum computers are faster than classical computers because they can try every possible answer to a problem in parallel. What a quantum computer actually does, however, is take the probabilities associated with superpositions and their entanglements to carry out a series of operations called a quantum algorithm.

Just like classical learning algorithms, certain parameters of a quantum algorithm can be weighted more than others.


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