Versamodule Eurocard Bus

What Does Versamodule Eurocard Bus Mean?

The Versamodule Eurocard Bus (VMEbus) is a bus or computer data path device that can be integrated into different hardware systems. A VMEbus may be used for traffic control systems, weapons controls systems, robotic systems or other important hardware setups.


Techopedia Explains Versamodule Eurocard Bus

VMEbus was originally developed by Motorola in 1981 for a set of Motorola 68000 CPUs. It was used in the IBM System 9000 Instrument Controllers, Automatix robots and machine vision systems.

VMEbus works on a Eurocard model, where a European format governs the design of printed circuit boards. It has been designated ANSI/IEEE 1014-1987 by the IEC. As an OEM bus, it competes with other models like the CompactPCI, based on overall hardware design and trends within the PCB/electronics industry. VMEBus is built in a variety of sizes to fit into a particular rack space and has its own command and signal syntax to indicate various states of operation.


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