Machine Intelligence

Definition - What does Machine Intelligence mean?

Machine intelligence is a somewhat obscure term for specific kinds of artificial intelligence that are being noticing as the field advances. A definition put forth by some artificial intelligence companies is that machine intelligence “enables a machine to interact with an environment in an intelligent way.”

Techopedia explains Machine Intelligence

To understand machine intelligence better, it is good to look at this term within the context of two other terms that are proliferating in today’s tech world – “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning.” Artificial intelligence is composed of systems that allow computers to imitate human cognitive processes or perform tasks that used to be done by humans. Machine learning is defined as systems that enable a computer system to learn from inputs, rather than being directed only by linear programming.

In this context, another way to explain “machine intelligence” is that through a basis of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the machine learns to work proactively. Theoretically, if a machine learns to extract various kinds of data to put together its own processes and arrive at its own conclusions, you could say that that constitutes machine intelligence based on both machine learning and artificial intelligence functionalities.

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