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Empowered Edge

What Does Empowered Edge Mean?

Empowered edge is a term in IT that is used to talk about empowering computing centralization that is distributed toward the edge of a network, toward the end user and the end user device. It is a key concept in device management in the cloud and big data age.

Empowered edge is also known as device democracy.


Techopedia Explains Empowered Edge

The idea of empowered edge is that engineers and enterprises are putting more computing transactions and significant data transfers at the edge of an increasingly complex system of network nodes. One of the major challenges of dealing with the internet of things (IoT) is managing a decentralized network. Empowered edge helps to achieve security and efficiency goals.

Empowered edge also works well with the cloud principle – in the cloud computing age, data is continuously being sent to different stakeholders or partners. It makes sense to address the edge of the network as a place where business gets done. In that sense, empowered edge is likely to be more a part of electronic systems and services in the future.



Device Democracy

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