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Quantum Internet

What Does Quantum Internet Mean?

The quantum internet is an idea based on the theoretical use of quantum computers to construct a new kind of network. In contrast to the traditional internet which operates through the use of binary signals in data packets, the quantum internet would utilize quantum signals instead.


Techopedia Explains Quantum Internet

To understand the quantum internet, think about how a quantum computer would theoretically be set up. A quantum computer is different from a traditional computer in its mode of processing information. Traditional computers, again, use binary to create machine language – a bit of information is either a one or a zero. By contrast, a quantum computer uses bits of information called qubits that are either a one, a zero, or an unknown value. Applying quantum mechanics to technology has inspired many groundbreaking and innovative ideas like the quantum internet that are highly theoretical, but that can be posited using the power of quantum mechanics in computer science.


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