A2P Messaging

What Does A2P Messaging Mean?

A2P messaging is a term for SMS messaging that is sent from a software application to a user device feed. In other words, businesses often use A2P messaging to send messages from central databases for customer outreach or customer relationship processes to individual phone numbers attached to user smartphones.


A2P messaging is also known as application-to-person messaging, application-to-person SMS messaging, application-to-person SMS, A2P SMS messaging or A2P SMS.

Techopedia Explains A2P Messaging

A2P messaging is commonly used for many key business practices such as multifactor authentication, as well as routine updates and notifications related to products and services. However, in the context of A2P messaging, intent can become difficult to assess. Companies might start out offering informative notifications, but then ask users to confirm something, or send a return text to buy into some program or service. However, in general many types of A2P are one-way communications and do not allow an individual user response. The opposite of A2P messaging, P2A messaging, allows for individual smartphone holders to message an enterprise directly.


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