What Does Kaggle Mean?

Kaggle is a subsidiary of Google that functions as a community for data scientists and developers. Those interested in machine learning or other kinds of modern development can join the community of over 1 million registered users and talk about development models, explore data sets, or network across 194 separate countries around the world.


Techopedia Explains Kaggle

In addition to more general networking functions, the Kaggle community hosts machine learning competitions that focus on the phenomenon of using neural networks and other machine learning tools to facilitate last linear and deterministic programming models. Kaggle also maintains public data sets and Kaggle workbenches for machine learning and data science projects. As a grassroots community, Kaggle is becoming a place where data scientists and related professionals do business – a place where innovation takes place, and people work toward common goals involving progress in some of the most dynamic and interesting technologies making up today's tech industry.


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