Content Services Platform

What Does Content Services Platform Mean?

A content services platform is a software environment where users can collaborate as well as create and work on different types of content such as text, audio and video pieces. These systems are often part of enterprise design and are branded and maintained for specific clients.


Techopedia Explains Content Services Platform

There are various reasons that businesses can use a content services platform. One of the main reasons is that the business often hires remote or 1099 individuals or other “outsourced” parties to create, edit or review content.

Another reason for a content services platform is to provide a uniform repository for content and a single versioning for various pieces of content. This ensures that data held in multiple servers redundantly does not confuse how people use that content within the business. Essentially, a content services platform helps to roll out individual pieces of content in a marketing or outreach context or other context. The content services platform represents a modern version of what many used to refer to as enterprise content management (ECM).


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