What Does Nearable Mean?

A nearable is a device belonging to an emerging class of technology: small pieces of hardware that can track nearby smartphone device behavior or other similar types of user events, or the proximity of devices.


A nearable is also known as a nearable device.

Techopedia Explains Nearable

The idea is that small beacons or similar hardware pieces can sit in a particular point, often around a given business location, and record the proximity or activity of smartphones in the area. In many cases, the nearable approach relies on users downloading an application which gives the company authorization to collect the data, and is also a practical way of making smartphones transparent to a beacon.

For example, a fast food company might employ nearables to track customers moving through a drive-thru or inside the store. Nearables may be able to track whether customers use electronic coupons, how they progress through a point-of-sale interface, and much more.


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