What Does SciPy Mean?

SciPy is a free open-source Python library included in a suite of tools that also includes general-purpose algorithm resources allowing engineers to get into the process of algorithm development in Python.


Techopedia Explains SciPy

SciPy has its own suite of resources available under a Berkeley Software Distribution open source license that helps developers and others to pursue machine learning objectives.

Machine learning engineers use SciPy in many diverse ways to help craft and refine algorithms for machine learning development. One of the main uses of SciPy is related to its modular approach. With modules related to algorithm optimization, integration, linear algebra and signal processing, SciPy has a lot of utility for machine learning projects. It also works with other tools like matplotlib to achieve visualization goals. In general, all of these tools work together to help human decision-makers to craft insights and work toward machine learning outcomes that show a refined algorithm approach.


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