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What Does Camfecting Mean?

Camfecting is a term describing a situation where hackers utilize a device’s camera for unauthorized purposes. It is called camfecting because the hacking behavior infects the camera. Camfecting is a significant concern in today’s security world.


Techopedia Explains Camfecting

Among the many types of hacking and security issues that users face in today’s digital environment, camfecting is somewhat unique, partly because it centers on a surveillance hardware model. The camera is a powerful tool built into smartphones and other devices. If a hacker can get control of the camera, either to spy on a user or for other unauthorized activity, that can have far-reaching consequences. People in general are fearful of camfecting, because unlike other hacking, the hacking of the camera can let hackers into the physical environment beyond the screen. Key privacy issues apply. With that in mind, camfecting is a unique point of concern that security professionals are trying to deal with in today’s industry.


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