Data Science Platform

What Does Data Science Platform Mean?

A data science platform is an environment for conducting data science work, which typically includes coding and the deployment of code models, as well as the aggregation and use of data from diverse sources. Data science projects benefit from a central data science platform that is often described as a “software hub” for this kind of big data work.


Techopedia Explains Data Science Platform

Data science platforms can be set up in many ways. Many of them take advantage of modernization principles like virtual machines and container virtualization, where a data science platform accommodates design factors that allow developers to work with applications and code bases in a modular environment. Data science work has also evolved through the use of technologies like Apache Hadoop and other clustering and modular systems for data handling and a data life cycles.

Part of the challenge of a data science platform is determining how tools will be supported, and controlling what some refer to as “tool sprawl” which can be a negative factor.


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