Tag Management System (TMS)

What Does Tag Management System (TMS) Mean?

A tag management system (TMS) is a software system used to handle marketing tags that are appended to URLs in some web processes and e-commerce sites. The tag management system simplifies the handling of digital marketing tags that relate to various advertising results.


Techopedia Explains Tag Management System (TMS)

Digital marketing tags are appended to URLs and generate various advertising results. It could be said that they are “passed” through the URL and “rendered” in a particular advertising form. These tags are sometimes called pixels.

The tag management system makes it easier to administrate these tagging procedures, for example, identifying users, or interacting with cookies or tracking device IDs for the purposes of personalized marketing.

The idea is that the tag management system helps marketers to avoid relying on in-house technical staff for deployment and other tasks.


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