Security Operations Center

What Does Security Operations Center Mean?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a strategic command center facility for fighting cyberattacks through monitoring, threat analysis and more. The implication is that the SOC is generally a physical location in which to house professionals and cybersecurity assets.


Techopedia Explains Security Operations Center

As a best practice, the SOC is part of a greater context involving threat evaluation and assessment. Companies are encouraged to analyze metrics such as dwell time for threat incidents, while also doing complex damage control when a data breach or other attack occurs.

All of this leads to the promotion of a central repository for cybersecurity assets, and that's what the SOC represents, whether it's a physical facility or a collaborative paradigm that involves remote work. The latter setup is unpopular partly because of the more robust collaboration that can go on any physical security operations center.

Look for the SOC to continue to be a fundamental element of cybersecurity as private businesses and governments work to protect sensitive data and network environments from harm.


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