Full Stack Developer

What Does Full Stack Developer Mean?

A full stack developer is a professional who can work with all of the components of a full stack, which is all of the technologies that are needed for full project life cycle work. The full stack developer is a big value to companies, because they can handle the entire pipeline and understands all of the technologies that make up the combined enterprise framework.


Techopedia Explains Full Stack Developer

The word stack is used a lot in the IT world to refer to a collection of technologies. The full stack commonly refers to the full set of technologies used in the project, and not just submodules or components. For example, a project environment might use database systems like postGRE, vendor systems like AWS, mobile systems like iOS or Android, and other platforms.

The full stack developer will understand all of these platforms and associated tools and be able to speak the language of all of these components in order to provide comprehensive consulting and development.


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