What Does Elixir Mean?

Elixir is a programming language that runs on an Erlang virtual machine environment and helps to scale applications. As a dynamic functional language utilizing a VM model, Elixir is described as a scripting language that's an alternative to using only JavaScript and Python or other interpreted languages for just-in-time compiling.


Techopedia Explains Elixir

Experts describe Elixir as being useful in building fault-tolerant applications. Again, it's useful in promoting scalability and in writing concurrent web applications.

An easy way to talk about Elixir’s utility is that it's more scalable than a model involving standard techniques with Python or Ruby or some more languages.

In other words, by utilizing the Erlang VM, Elixir code makes cluster expansion possible.

That's part of the popularity of Elixir in an environment where virtualization creates various kinds of automation or streamlining for systems.


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