AWS DeepRacer

What Does AWS DeepRacer Mean?

AWS DeepRacer is a machine learning project from Amazon that focuses on the development of autonomous racing vehicles on a small scale.


Described as a global racing league, AWS DeepRacer allows users to get hands-on experience with machine learning through building cars and working on simulators as well as participating in the world's first autonomous racing league.

Techopedia Explains AWS DeepRacer

The AWS DeepRacer program is based on reinforcement learning and provides an out-of-the-box machine learning solution with a 3D simulation environment.

It's also a prime example of “gamification” in machine learning – unlike many other machine learning programs, AWS DeepRacer appeals to the process of learning about ML in a practical real-world way, while also tying it to a fun activity. More details are available from AWS online about the leagues and competitive trials that are driving this entertaining deep learning project.


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