What Does IBM I Mean?

IBM I is an operating system supported by IBM Systems. It is an EBCDIC-based operating system capable of running on IBM Power Systems and on IBM PureSystems. IBM I was introduced in 2008 and still is under active development. It is designed for businesses and hence is more stable and integral when it comes to application support.


Techopedia Explains IBM I

IBM initially launched their operating system dedicated for running on their own machines in 1988, but later the operating system software evolved as technology advanced, the IBM I is the OS succeeding i5/OS and OS/400. It is an integrated OS especially built for business use with dedicated databases and middleware. The IBM I is capable enough to show exception resilience for business and smooth growth for IBM Power servers. The OS offers a number of business solutions, operations and storage management issues which were previously unresolved. It also has improved security and compliance tools available with outstanding infrastructure.


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