Machine Learning Engineer (MLE)

What Does Machine Learning Engineer (MLE) Mean?

A machine learning engineer is a particular type of data scientist who is profoundly involved in assessing and designing machine learning systems. The machine learning engineer has a "front row seat" to the development of these new types of resources in the artificial intelligence field.


Techopedia Explains Machine Learning Engineer (MLE)

The machine learning engineer’s work starts with a substantial skill set in algorithm development and ML design. The MLE has to be conversant in how these technologies work. Beyond that, the MLE has to understand how to work with data (in the case of ML technologies, training and testing data and production data sets), and be able to contribute to the full life cycle of a ML project.

In addition, the MLE often works with diverse stakeholders. The typical MLE is "close to the bare metal" in terms of working directly with the technologies, and by extension, ML teams, but may also present to executives or even peripheral audiences, such as client teams or VC people.


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