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What Does Blockweave Mean?

The new term "blockweave" in IT refers to a data storage protocol that revolutionizes decentralized proof of access to enable low-cost storage. Professionals point out that this new type of blockchain system is meant to solve the twin problems of on-chain data limitations and unsustainable access systems while decreasing the cost of chain storage.


Techopedia Explains Blockweave

Blockweave as an innovation in the blockchain decentralized technology ledger is so new that there’s currently not much documentation out in the public about the method itself. Blockweave as a system has been associated with the Arweave technology promoted by stakeholders, and spokespersons for Arweave are responsible for some of the most detailed descriptions of blockweave systems on Medium and elsewhere.

As written: "The blockweave is a blockchain-like structure designed to enable scalable on-chain storage in a cost efficient manner for the first time … Proof of access is a novel consensus mechanism that produces a positive externality of data storage. Instead of competing to burn as much electricity as possible, miners compete to provide as many replications of the data held in the system as they can. Further, as the blockweave expands in size, the amount of electricity expended in the mining process decreases.”


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