Security by Design

What Does Security by Design Mean?

Security by design (or secure by design), sometimes abbreviated “SbD,” is a new industry term for a range of security practices built on one fundamental idea — that security should be built into a product by design, instead of being added on later by third-party products and services.


Techopedia Explains Security by Design

Of course, secure by design architecture can complement third-party security initiatives. The idea, though, is that engineers and designers build in more security in the initial design of the product or service in question.

internet of things sFor example, security by design in Internet of Things devices would tend to provide more robust internal security practices, such as encryption protections or the closing of loophole vulnerabilities in code.

The phrase “secure by design” extends to many aspects of the technology industry in various fields, including home and business security systems. It’s also a useful term in the design of any technology that needs a cybersecurity component.


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