What Does Neuralink Mean?

Neuralink is an American company using neurotechnology to research the possibility of future innovations in high-tech neurology applications. Neuralink has gained visibility as a project backed by Elon Musk, and as a ground-breaking way of looking at neurotech in general.


Techopedia Explains Neuralink

Neuralink was founded in 2016, and now has dozens of employees and many millions of dollars of funding. Although company leaders remain secretive about the work that's being done, some reports show how Neuralink is working on electrodes that go into the human brain, to harvest information for future projects, and, as billed, to establish a “direct connection” between a human brain and a computer.

The advertised aims of the Neuralink company have led some to question the potential for “mind control” practices and to advance both explainable and ethical AI in this area.


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