AI Strategist

What Does AI Strategist Mean?

An AI strategist is an IT professional whose role deals with the evolution and application of artificial intelligence products and services.


Techopedia Explains AI Strategist

In looking at this rather diverse role, many experts talk about an AI strategist’s job having a fundamental project management component. But that's not the entire picture when it comes to the everyday management of artificial intelligence technologies.

The AI strategist has to consider talent and development, as well as optimized workflows. In addition to working on all of this and understanding the desired states of systems, an AI strategist also has to deal with one overarching principle of AI applications — AI ethics.

New artificial intelligence tools are somewhat different from traditional technologies in their scope and ramifications for human societies. Prominent tech leaders have warned us that AI without ethics could be a minefield.

That factors into the focus on ethical and explainable AI for an AI strategist role.


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