Ryuk Ransomware

What Does Ryuk Ransomware Mean?

Ryuk ransomware is a type of ransomware attack where encryption is used to steal away data which will only be a returned in exchange for a ransom.


Ryuk ransomware spreads through malware and infects systems in ways that are difficult to analyze because certain aspects of the code are deleted after execution.

Techopedia Explains Ryuk Ransomware

Using a principle of persistence in the registry and combating various kinds of antivirus tools, Ryuk ransomware is a pretty formidable version of ransomware technology.

It uses RSA and AES encryption algorithms with three keys.

The Ryuk ransomware attack is credited to an electronic crime group called Wizard Spider. Experts suggest that Wizard Spider engages in what’s called “big game hunting” – infiltrating large corporate or government networks to affect a Ryuk ransomware attack that will be significant and lucrative. Ransoms are typically collected in Bitcoin.


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