California Consumer Privacy Act

What Does California Consumer Privacy Act Mean?

The California Consumer Privacy Act is a proposal placed on the ballot in 2020 in the state of California that would give California citizens more control over their own private data.


Techopedia Explains California Consumer Privacy Act

As a state ballot initiative, the California Consumer Privacy Act is an important bellwether for how American regulators handle digital privacy through the electorate. One interesting way to think about the California Consumer Privacy Act is to contrast it with a major central European digital privacy law put in place globally within the past few years.

This law is called the General Data Protection Rule or GDPR, and it affords European citizens many broad rights in terms of data control. The California Consumer Privacy Act would do many of the same things for California citizens.

In describing why they put the California Consumer Privacy Act on the ballots, proponents of the law talk about pervasive violations of privacy by American companies and business and government tracking that seems to compromise the principles of user privacy.


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