Definition - What does Hyperautomation mean?

The term "hyperautomation" is relatively new and generally refers to new techniques and methods that can automate processes in significant and profound ways.

Although the term is not clearly defined on many of the encyclopedia resources that people generally use online to figure out common usage for new terms, bodies like Gartner and big companies in the tech space are defining hyperautomation as the next wave of automation or “automation 2.0.”

Techopedia explains Hyperautomation

Many experts describe hyperautomation in several key ways. First, they identify advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Then they describe the ways that hyperautomation works — to augment human work and combine the resources of humans and technologies for a more effective result.

Hyperautomation in enterprise IT means going back to the drawing board with the cutting-edge technologies and resources that we now have in looking at how to automate processes more fully then we did in the past.

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