Vocabulary Management Solution

What Does Vocabulary Management Solution Mean?

A Vocabulary Management Solution (VMS) is an enterprise application (EA) toolset used by interconnected internal and external systems to manage knowledge related to taxonomies, classification schemes and thesauruses. A VMS also provides user file handling and indexing capabilities.


A VMS project approach brings automation, repeatability and parallelism with established manual and serial coding requirements.

Techopedia Explains Vocabulary Management Solution

VMS features include metadata repositories, business vocabularies with descriptive company data and business documentation. These tools determine metadata location, format and structure; interpret metadata and determine the relationship between metadata and other EA data.

Organizational mergers and acquisitions often require system integration that addresses underlying issues related to incompatibilities and maintenance. The VMS approach applies parallelism, where one application replaces another as needed, logical systematic methods and repeatability.

EA changes, such as upgrades or new versions, impact other applications and require thorough examination of all internal and external relationships. IT integration teams spend weeks or months addressing potential issues with tools used to generate proprietary code that is unreadable by outside middleware. Code maintenance often results in start over projects. VMS tools are designed to prevent such issues.

A well-known VMS is Contivo VMS.


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