DevRel (DeveloperRelations)

What Does DevRel (DeveloperRelations) Mean?

Developer Relations (DevRel) is a strategic approach to improving business-to-business (B2B) communications between a software company’s internal programmers and the external programmers who will be using the company’s open APIs.


Just as DevOps strives to improve communication between an organization’s developer and operations teams, DevRel seeks to improve communication between proprietary and open-source developer communities.

Typically, a DevRel team is made up of employees from the software company's product, engineering and marketing teams. In addition to serving as developer evangelists, team members are responsible for gathering metrics that can be used to quantify user engagement and help the software company's internal developers understand their end users' pain points.

Techopedia Explains DevRel (DeveloperRelations)

In companies whose end-user is always an outside developer, DevRel may also be a job title. On a day-to-day basis, DevRel responsibilities may include tasks such as:

  • Promoting a company's software products to outside developers.
  • Monitoring metrics for weekly active API tokens.
  • Participating in developer communities to learn how developers are using a company's software.
  • Sharing feedback with internal product, engineering and marketing teams.
  • Creating content marketing articles, videos and podcasts to educate and support the developer community at large.

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