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What Does Crowd Intelligence Software Mean?

Crowd intelligence software is an emerging market segment for software-as-a-service (SaaS) that focuses on ways technology can help facilities and operations managers understand how many people are gathering and moving in a specific location, at a specific moment in time.


Crowd intelligence software works by combining anonymized entry and exit data from camera feeds or proprietary sensors with predictive analytics programming enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) ingress-egress algorithms .

Safety concerns for crowds in large venues, as well as continuing health concerns about COVID-19, are driving the need for organizations to automate how they monitor crowds and gather data about space utilization.

In the past, an organization might hire someone to stand at a door with a clicker to ensure compliance with occupancy regulations. Today, the same organization can reduce overhead, while also improving the quality of their data, by using crowd intelligence software.

Techopedia Explains Crowd Intelligence Software

An important goal of crowd intelligence software is to provide stakeholders with the ability to analyze historical data when making plans about space utilization and safety — while also providing easy access to current data on demand.

Most crowd intelligence applications provide facilities managers and their staff members with an executive dashboard that can be used to query historical data or visualize a venue's current state. More advanced apps will also have an SMS push notification mechanism that will automatically alert facilities managers and their staff when there are sudden anomolies in parameters such as:

  • Crowd density
  • Crowd movement
  • Space utilization
  • Room density
  • Line length
  • Wait time

Crowd intelligence software enables stakeholders to proactively make cost-effective, data-driven decisions about staffing, security and sanitation. Potential customers for crowd intelligence and space utilization analytics software include Chief Operation Officers (COOs) and facilities managers at sports arenas, entertainment venues, college campuses, corporate offices and public areas.

Vendors in this emerging market include:

Armoured Things – According to their website, Armoured Things uses artificial intelligence and data from security cameras and smart door locks to count people in real time, provide predictive analytics and issue alerts.

Density – According to their website, Density designs and manufactures sensor technology that measures how people use space in order to make better use of the space.

WaitTime – According to the Cisco Meraki website, WaitTime uses state-of-the-art imaging techniques to monitor crowd behavior, enable informed operations management and engage guests in movement and distribution solutions.


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