Metacloud (Supercloud)

What Does Metacloud (Supercloud) Mean?

A metacloud is a service layer that allows administrators to manage multi-cloud deployments from a centralized dashboard.


The purpose of a metacloud architecture is to logically connect isolated cloud services containing siloed data and allow them to be managed as a single platform.

The term is often credited to author and technical expert David Linthicum.

Techopedia Explains Metacloud (Supercloud)

Metacloud is a relatively new term in cloud computing, although the need for governance tools that allow IT administrators to centrally manage multi-cloud deployments has been around since hybrid cloud computing became widely accepted.

As third-party vendors begin to respond to a growing need for control planes capable of managing cross-cloud technology stacks, they are using different labels to describe their offerings. The concept of using resources from multiple clouds providers to create large scale distributed infrastructures may also be referred to by vendors, analysts and technology reporters as:


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