What Does Jabber Mean?

Jabber is a nickname for a communications protocol called the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). This technology was originally an open-source design for instant messaging and digital communications.


Techopedia Explains Jabber

Some years after it was designed, XMPP was analyzed by the Internet Engineering Task Force in an effort to provide consistent standards for this technology. XMPP, or Jabber, gained popularity and was adopted by major platforms like Google Talk and other VoIP structures. Both Microsoft and Facebook have since followed suit in using elements of XMPP for specific messaging services. The benefits of using XMPP include its ability to be customized without a monolithic central control, as well as competitive security features.

In 2008, nearly a decade after its original design, big tech provider Cisco Systems announced the development of a commercial product called Jabber XCP. Cisco characterizes this product as a design intended to serve the U.S. federal government. This scalable solution provides a useful feature for real-time applications that can help to advance cross-platform use of instant messaging components.


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