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Modular PC

What Does Modular PC Mean?

A modular PC is a computer that is designed to take full advantage of update opportunities and decrease costs by using standardized hardware components in its design. The components are interconnected, but can be separated and removed for repair and improvement. Amounts of e-waste have decreased tremendously with the introduction of modular PCs because individual components can be replaced rather than replacing the whole system.


Modular PCs are also known as modular computers.

Techopedia Explains Modular PC

As the name suggests, a modular PC is a computer that has individually-housed components or modules. The concept of a modular PC was introduced in 2001 when newer versions of both hardware and software were being released and systems were updating at rapid pace. The costs of hardware made it difficult for normal users to keep pace with the evolving technology.

The modular PC was presented as a solution in which personal computers were to be designed such that the components can be removed and assembled so it would be easy to update certain modules instead of the whole computer. Modular computers are environmentally friendly as they cut the creation of e-waste.


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