Microsoft Outlook

What Does Microsoft Outlook Mean?

Microsoft Outlook is a proprietary email and task management application that is available with most versions of Microsoft Office. It was first released with Exchange Server 5.5 as a bundled program and later integrated as a mainstay application with Microsoft Office 97 suite and subsequent versions.


Techopedia Explains Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook was initially released to provide users with a desktop/local means of configuring POP3 and Web-based email accounts/services.

A user can compose, send, receive and manage one or more email accounts with Microsoft Outlook. Although mainly popular as an email client, Microsoft Outlook also allows users to create and manage contacts, calendars, tasks, a personal journal and Web browsing support.

It can configure and receive RSS feeds, social updates, calendar sharing, weather updates and more. Microsoft Outlook can be installed and used as a standalone application or with SharePoint and Exchange Server in an enterprise / networked environment.


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