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What Does Bubble Jet Printer Mean?

A Bubble Jet printer is a type of inkjet printer. The difference between an inkjet printer and a Bubble Jet printer is that a Bubble Jet printer makes use of certain heating elements in order to prepare the
ink, whereas an inkjet printer makes use
of piezoelectric crystals.


Techopedia Explains Bubble Jet Printer

The Bubble Jet printer, which is a trademark of Canon,
makes use of a tiny heating element to direct ink. The cartridges and print
heads used in a Bubble Jet printer are almost the same as in an inkjet printer,
except that a tiny heating element is used inside the nozzle. The ink is vaporized every time an electric impulse reaches
the heating element, thus creating a bubble which expands, forcing ink onto the paper. Typically, there are 64 or 128 tiny
nozzles in a Bubble Jet printer.


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