Color Printer

What Does Color Printer Mean?

A color printer is a printer that allows for pages or other items to be printed in color. Like color televisions and other types of equipment and consumer products, color printers have evolved over a number of decades to offer more high-performance and sophisticated results.


Techopedia Explains Color Printer

Color printers are available in various types of engineered models. For instance, one modern type of color printer is an inkjet printer. An inkjet printer sprays small bits of ink onto paper in very specific ways to create high-resolution color results.

Another type of modern color printer is a laser printer. Here, color is added to the page, not through the mechanical application of ink, but by electrical charges that create the patterns for printing. With laser printers, a laser beam hits against a cylinder called a photoreceptor, which maps out the image to be constructed on the page through the use of powdered substances called toner.

Modern color printers also often function as copiers, fax machines and scanners. Modern features include wireless printing, the ability to create digital images of paper pages and higher-resolution print results.


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