What Does Dataglove Mean?

A dataglove is an input device that is essentially a glove worn on the hand that contains various electronic sensors that monitor the hand’s movements and transform them into a form of input for applications such as virtual reality and robotics. Some datagloves enable tactile sensing, allowing the user to seemingly feel a virtual object and to apply fine-motion control.


Datagloves are also known as cybergloves or wired gloves.

Techopedia Explains Dataglove

A dataglove is used to capture physical phenomena, such as the bending of fingers, as data. It also often contains a motion tracker such as an inertial or magnetic tracking device that captures the position and rotation of the hand/glove. These movements are then interpreted by a driver or software made specifically for the glove so that the gestures can be converted into an input for a separate program such as for virtual reality, games or for controlling animatronics or other kinds of robots.

The first dataglove was the Sayre Glove created by Electronic Visualization Laboratory in 1977. The first dataglove available to the home user was the Nintendo Power Glove in 1987. There has been no major innovation in dataglove design since developers now favor using cameras and motion-sensing equipment to track hand movements and gestures.


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