Port Replicator

What Does Port Replicator Mean?

A port replicator is a type of docking station for connecting multiple peripherals to an electronic device such as a laptop computer. Peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard, printer or mouse are connected through a secondary power source via parallel, serial, small computer system interfance and USB ports.


Port replicators are not standardized and are usually designed for a specific make and model of device because the connectors on laptops tend to be in differing locations.

The term is also known as a docking station, dock, passthrough or port bar.

Techopedia Explains Port Replicator

A port replicator is a type of docking station that allows a laptop computer to substitute for a desktop computer wherever there is an appropriate docking station installed. It allows easy connection to multiple input, output and peripheral devices at two or more physical locations and enables the connection of a laptop to all the same peripherals. A port replicator can also provide a means of conversion from one connection type to another; for example a Micro DVI to a regular DVI connection.

Port replicators are designed to make the connection and removal of a laptop very rapid, so that all the peripherals attached to the docking station can be plugged in or unplugged with a single action. This negates the need to plug-in and unplug multiple extension and connection cables.


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