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What Does Print Preview Mean?

Print preview is a function provided for displaying a page, document or any other material before it is sent to a printer. Print preview is a useful function to users as it helps them to see how the final printed material will appear. It also gives the user the opportunity to check or adjust the layout or resolve any issues before printing the material to achieve the intended final form.


Techopedia Explains Print Preview

Most web browsers and applications have a print preview feature while with certain applications have a built-in functionality where the print preview automatically opens once the print option is selected.

Most application and browsers provide icons to launch the print preview option. Graphic tools like Adobe Photoshop have additional features in print preview like positioning and scaling the image as needed before printing.

The print preview feature is essential for mark-up language editing applications, especially those focused on web development.

Advantages of print preview functionality include:

  • Reduction of wasted paper with errors in the document.
  • Option of magnifying smaller fonts on the document, so that user can read everything and make sure document is error-free.
  • Ability to view multiple pages in the same document before printing.
  • Ability to adjust the paper size, the margins, use of colored ink vs. black and white, and even the paper orientation for the document.

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