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Front-End System

What Does Front-End System Mean?

A front-end system is part of an information system that is directly accessed and interacted with by the user to receive or utilize back-end capabilities of the host system. It enables users to access and request the features and services of the underlying information system. The front-end system can be a software application or the combination or hardware, software and network resources.


Techopedia Explains Front-End System

A front-end system is primarily used to send queries and requests, and receive data from the back-end system or the host information system. It serves or provides users with the ability to interact and use an information system. Typically, front-end systems have very limited computational or business logic processing capabilities and rely on the data and functions from the host system. However, some advanced level front-end systems do maintain copies of data, such as a duplicate of each transaction sent to the back-end system.

A front-end system may include or consist of textual or graphical user interface (GUI) and/or a front-end client application that is connected by the back-end system.


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