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Computer-Mediated Communication

What Does Computer-Mediated Communication Mean?

Computer-mediated communication (CMC) is a process in which human data interaction occurs through one or more networked telecommunication systems. A CMC interaction occurs through various types of networking technology and software, including email, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), instant messaging (IM), Usenet and mailing list servers.


CMC technology saves time and money in IT organizations by facilitating the use of all communication formats.

Techopedia Explains Computer-Mediated Communication

Computer mediated communication is divided into synchronous and asynchronous modes. In synchronous communication, all participants are online simultaneously. In asynchronous communication there are time constraints on communication messages and responses, as with emails.

Key CMC features include conversation recordability, formal communication, and user identity anonymity, depending on software type – such as IM. However, CMC user statement interpretation may be difficult due to the absence of verbal communication.


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