Query Language

What Does Query Language Mean?

Query language (QL) refers to any computer programming language that requests and retrieves data from database and information systems by sending queries. It works on user entered structured and formal programming command based queries to find and extract data from host databases.


Query language may also be termed database query language.

Techopedia Explains Query Language

Query language is primarily created for creating, accessing and modifying data in and out from a database management system (DBMS). Typically, QL requires users to input a structured command that is similar and close to the English language querying construct.

For example, the SQL query: SELECT * FROM

The customer will retrieve all data from the customer records/table.

The simple programming context makes it one of the easiest programming languages to learn. There are several different variants of QL and it has wide implementation in various database-centered services such as extracting data from deductive and OLAP databases, providing API based access to remote applications and services and more.


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