Blind Drop

What Does Blind Drop Mean?

A blind drop is a hidden location where a malware program, Trojan or virus drops information gathered from a host. The automatically gathered data remains in that location until it is retrieved by the attacker. The data could be credit card or bank account details, usernames and passwords or any personal information the attacker may use to hack into the host's accounts. It is very hard to detect where data is coming from or where it is going, even if the location is discovered.


Techopedia Explains Blind Drop

Almost any type of data can be deposited at a blind drop. This includes email addresses, websites or even hidden locations in the host’s computer. Malware and Trojans also check for whether any new messages or instructions have been posted at blind drops.

The term is taken from blind drop shipping, which is a technique used to conceal the identity of a package sender. In this case, the package being delivered does not contain information about the sender; there are no names or other information, just an ambiguous address. This is widely used in internet businesses in which online retailers do not actually stock the product. So, when they receive an order, they place it with their supplier, which sends the anonymous package to the customer.


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