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Last updated: November 30, 2011

What Does Latecomer Mean?

In the context of a groupware system, latecomers are individuals that join a session after a session has started. Typically, a user begins a collaborative session in groupware. To participate in a session, latecomers require a shared state.

Techopedia Explains Latecomer

A groupware system requires a basic mechanism that allows latecomers to attain a system's current state via a replay describing how a current state was attained. This mechanism logs modifying events in a history list. This list is replayed to latecomers with a current activity status. If an event depends on external information, it can be difficult to replay a log correctly.

Maintaining history can present two key issues:
  • It can potentially consume too much memory space.
  • A complete replay consumes time.
A replay alternative is a direct state transfer from a supporting site to a latecomer site, which provides latecomer updates more efficiently. If a shared state is maintained, it is easy to support a latecomer with the current state. However, this task becomes difficult if a shared thread is completely or partially replicated.


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