Provisioning (Computing)

Last updated: February 16, 2017

What Does Provisioning (Computing) Mean?

Provisioning is the enterprise-wide configuration, deployment and management of multiple types of IT system resources. An organization's IT or HR department oversees the provisioning process, which is applied to monitor user and customer access rights and privacy while ensuring enterprise resource security.

Provisioning is the fourth step in the Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAMP) management framework.


Techopedia Explains Provisioning (Computing)

Provisioning provides equipment, software or services to customers, users, employees or IT personnel and has contexts in computing, computer networking and telecommunications. In a computing context, provisioning is divided into the following subsets:

  • Grid computing provisioning: Involves the activation of servers, arrays or switches for user grid availability.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) provisioning: Optimizes performance by efficiently appropriating storage to all users.
  • Server provisioning: Prepares a server for network operation via the installation and connection of data, software and systems.
  • User provisioning: Involves creating, maintaining and deactivating required business process automation objects and attributes in systems, directories and applications.
  • Internet access provisioning: Includes multiple client system configuration steps that vary according to connection technology and involve modem configuration, driver installation, wireless local area network (LAN) setup, Internet browser configuration, email system configuration and additional user-requested software installation.

Provisioning methods include set-up manual distribution, reliable but high cost on-site technicians, server-side remote setup (reliable but used for modem configuration only) and CD installation, also known as client-side self-service installation.


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